Wednesday, July 6, 2011

about firewalls|use of firewalls|firewall options|

about firewalls|use of firewalls|firewall options|
you need to know about firewalls
when your computer is connected to the internet the over 131,000 ports

firewall is a fire-resistant wall that subdivides
between your computer and others on the internet
firewalls have access door you need a way of selecting which type of communications you want to receive
your computer doesn’t have to spend its precious resources on running the firewall software
If your computer becomes infected
This can turn your computer into a source of infection
that you run more than one software firewall as this uses more process power
get onto the internet and wireless security controls who can use that connection
firewall may be included on your wireless router but it pays to check.
Software firewalls may alert you that a connection has been attempted and blocked
Firewall provide an enhanced level of security that has become the minimum standard to protect your computer can still do some serious damage without alerting your security software

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